Listen to Examples

Here are some examples of music from Ron to listen to

Jazz, Swing and Jazz Manouche

Strangers in The Night A violin intro with a vocal chorus to this Frank Sinatra famous song

I Can’t Give You Anything But Love  …this is a short example of violin and voice with acoustic guitar and bass accompaniment

Les Yeux Noir or Dark Eyes …A Russian tzigane and jazz manouche violin favourite

Night an Day…A beautiful jazz standard

Mack the Knife…melody sang with two improvised violin choruses It Had to be You… violin on the melody with Gary Benson, Don Vickery and Jack McFadden accompanying

Fiddle Music, Irish, East Coast and Old  Time

Kerfunken Reel…An Irish fiddle song, recorded in Cagnes sur Mer, with guitar accompaniment


Brahms Hungarian Dance No 5 …well known violin classic with piano accompaniment